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  • Interview - Kush Groove Clothing

    '80s Influenced Underground Streetwear

    Kush Groove Clothing represents the raw, inner core of a free-sprited generation. The KGC brand is built around a like-minded culture of ambitious people from every corner of the globe. Their streetwear collective is the product of several, interconnected worlds: music, fashion and marijuana. Rather than simply an umbrella-brand to represent each facet of 80's hipster culture, Kush Groove Clothing is a movement, or should I say ' Groovement'. Known advocates of this lifestyle include rappers, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y, who use their art as a way of spreading positivity.

    "There were two driving forces behind what inspired us to launch Kush Groove clothing. The first was an internal instinct from our founding team members to start something, what ever it was, we just wanted to start something. The second driving force was that we wanted to create a product we know our target market (18 - 35 year olds, in many different segments) would respond well to. We pride ourselves on having a keen eye on the market place and this is what motivated us to pull the trigger and launch our company."

    In a similar fashion to eclectic-collective, Odd Future, KGC aren't ...

  • Interview - Your Nest Inspired

    Sustainable, Minimalist Wooden Designware

    Based in San Francisco, ambassador of sustainability, Anna Richtie, uses her vision and skillset to deliver a collection of functional, minimalist design products, ranging from iPhone stands to a Wooden Business Card Holder.

    "I discovered my love of art in a ceramics class in high school. Realizing the architectural aesthetic of my work, I went to Arizona State University to study architecture. It was there that I realized I was more interested with what was going on inside of the space, than the building itself. I moved to San Francisco, where I got my degree in industrial design, emphasizing on furniture. Learning the process behind all things mass produced, I grew passionate about all thing handmade, and started my own collection."

    Anna's focus is on natural, sustainable materials which retain their organic, weatherworn aesthetic. Her penchant for handmade products began early in her when she discovered the beauty of moulding ceramics. Coupled with the expertise gained through a degree in industrial design, Anna uses her creative tendencies to deliver ergonomically-designed, intuitive products.

    "My collection began with the inspiration to bring nature - using natural woods - into homes filled with plastic technology. Each of my items are ...

  • Showcase - Volga Verdi

    Luminous Screenprinted Tees

    Born in California in 2010, clothing line 'Volga Verdi' breaks the mould of 'normality' - with a range of luminous tees that penetrate the eyelids and prompt the minds of curious onlookers.

    Founder, Peter Green, lends a creative hand and mind to a collection which he succinctly describes as 'Superbright'. Every design is an extension of his vivid imagination that sees no boundaries, just a kaleidoscope of color!

    The Arbre Solarie Tee is a vibrant, geometric rendition of the type of mountainous tree frequently-seen by avid snowboarders. Let the staring contest begin!

    "I want Volga Verdi to be associated with bright, and of course high-quality clothing. I want people to go like… 'Oh something bright would look good with this outfit - let me check what’s new at Volga Verdi' - that would be perfect. Not that we won’t make anything dark, but I can’t imagine us making anything usual. It must be crazy and unique in some way."

    The brand's focus is on the visual perception of each design, from the geometry to its colorway - no detail is glossed over. Peter experiments with different lines, shapes and shading across his collection, which intends to appeal ...

  • Interview - Vanilla Design

    The Epitome Of Visually-Stunning Innovation

    With an eclectic collection of design products that includes: Fruity Wall Clocks and Petal Light Shades, Vanilla Design’s aesthetic is sleek and vibrant with a touch of brilliance. Founder, Brent Wilson, channels various life experiences into his range of unique products.

    “I am from Dunedin, New Zealand - a tiny town in a small country at the bottom of the world. As a huge sci-fi fan and lover of modern design I enjoy re-interpreting everyday objects and using digital fabrication to produce them. I balance my business around raising our two young children - they are a constant source of inspiration and motivation!”

    Living in a relatively remote area in New Zealand, Brent utilizes the internet to expose his collection to the world.

    “As I live in a small town there is no local market so I sell through a variety online stores as well as wholesale to stores in many countries.”

    His Objectify Wall Clock Collection, including this one, which is inspired by a cross section of a kiwi, doesn’t lay-off any of the details: from the pip-shaped hour notations to ...

  • Showcase - Toba Inc

    The Quintessential Wooden Vase Collection

    Based in the heart of Sydney, Australia, Toba Inc bring the rainforest to your home with their collection of ethically-sourced, hand-carved wooden vases that have a naturally-distressed aesthetic to reflect nature's course.

    Designed with simplicity in mind, the quintessential collection offers pleasure at every glance. The brand's focus is on quality - from the materials, to the texture and finish - no detail is overlooked. Each vase has its own unique imperfections, making it ideal for period properties with character. The fortified structure of each vase makes them perfect for outdoor decoration - This collection is built to last for centuries!

    The Moce Toba

    The Lakeba Toba

    The Nayau Toba

    The Kaduva Toba

    View Toba Inc's Collection

  • Showcase - Quigley By Design

    Innovative Glass-Made Home Decor & Accessories

    Dawn Quigley, based in Reading, England, offers an elegant range of exquisite gems - made primarily from glass - including: art deco mirrors, cufflinks and functional household items. She produces every item of her eclectic collection in her own, home studio. With each piece being so tastefully-designed, it's hard not to instantly fall in love with her inimitable aesthetic. Rich, vibrant colours, curved edges and a smooth finish characterise each of her beautiful handmade creations. Her journey into the world of glass-making was natural, and her products are a fitting reflection of this.

    "Not long after the birth of my fourth daughter I became ill which made me just about house bound. I needed a distraction which I found in Glass. My wonderful partner made me a workshop and I was good to go. He works with glass so understood what I would need. I attended a stained glass course and was hooked. I began doing repairs of panels and windows along with making a few pieces to sell - mirrors. This worked well with the children gave me something to focus on. I now have a kiln so I can work with warm glass (Fused Glass ...

  • Interview - Polly Taylor Designs

    Nature-Inspired Home Decor

    Bound to her hometown of Devon, England - for its natural beauty and elegance - graduate designer, Polly Taylor's days are filled with a compulsive need to satisfy a creative void. She has a passion for up-scaling antiquity finds in her hometown's many secondhand shops. Once she's discovered her next project she begins to collate the materials that will be used to transform it.

    "I'm from a vibrant town called Totnes, in Devon, the beautiful landscapes surrounding me often inspiring my work. I studied interior Textile Design at Somerset College in Taunton, which enabled me to find my own particular style. I have always been creative, with a passion for bright color. Using and experimenting with color is always my main focus when I'm designing."

    Tie-dye accented cushions are the product Polly's taste for vibrant, striking colors that reflect a place where she spends the majority of her time - her carefully-tended garden. She typically begins by drawing directly onto the material to get an idea of the artistic direction she's going in before painting or dyeing the fabric.

    "Everything is handmade, I often start by drawing first to get an idea of ...

  • Showcase - Nidhi

    Heartfelt Illustrations Depicting Nature In Its Element

    Nidhi Chanani has a talent for beautifully-drawn illustrations which are warm, heartfelt and evocative of genuine human emotion. Her inspiration is drawn from everyday life and its endless beauty, with each piece being born from this mindset.

    Her vibrant illustrations often celebrate nature and the affinity we feel towards one another - a visual encapsulation of the human condition - where love and compassion is abundant. Her artwork echoes positivity, creating a rich fragrance of color and life in every home in which it's hung.

    Nidhi's imagination was built to wander without restrictions, and this has allowed her to create a whole new world through her art. Born to be a self-sufficient thinker, Nidhi opted to pursue art without any in-depth prior training - a decision which has not affected her ability in the slightest way. Each of her pieces tells a story of hope, optimism and love.

    She doesn't hide behind a facade - her style is honest and celebrates living life to the fullest. In addition to being an artist herself, she enjoys the work of other's, especially graphic novelists whose books offer plenty of inspiration. She draws on their exploration ...

  • Showcase - NAMI

    Distinctive Women's Fashion

    Occasionally you come across someone whose story is so unique, it makes you wonder whether it can actually be true. This is the odd occasion where that cliche is true. Once a phD Neuroscientist, Sarah Ann, woke up one day and realised that her desire to fill the creative void that had built up over the years, needed some attention. Due to her father's commitments to the army during her upbringing, Sarah spent most of her time moving from one country to the next, taking mental snapshots of landscapes that would eventually serve as her inspiration. After running her own Interior design company for a short while, she made the plunge into the fashion world by enrolling on a course at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, a school based in California, where she now lives.

    After gaining more knowledge and expertise about fashion, from both a designer's and a brand owner's perspective, she established her part-eponymous brand Nami - a name that has quickly ascended the fashion world ranks and catwalks across America. She has a knack for introducing new concepts into the fashion world - for being brave and courageous when it ...

  • Showcase - Lockwood Designs

    Vibrant Contemporary Furniture

    Lockwood Design is the brainchild of British designer, Anna Lockwood's wealth of experience in design and furniture restoration. After earning a degree in Fine Art she spent several years working as an interior before deciding to pursue her passion for upholstery at the London College of Furniture. Since then her company has grown into a staple hub for innovative, functional designware, with a sleek, chic-sensibility.

    She takes pride in sparing abandoned chairs from becoming part of landfill, preferring to reincarnate them with a touch class. She approach to environmentally sustainability is more governed by necessity rather than simply being a topic of conversation - she believes that every pieces of furniture deserves a second chance at life. She's a keen observer of trends but tends to stay adrift from convention by being original in every aspect of her work. Each piece is a one-off product of hours spent in her Oxford-based studio. Her past work includes bespoke headboards, leather desks, cushions and beanbags.

    The design aesthetic of her range of wood-and-fabric blend chairs is quite avant-garde and abstract. Her collection is more boutique-friendly than that of a department store. She experiments with various textures and materials ...

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