• mary.huffmanmoenoadaggett Mary.Huffmanmoenoadaggett

    how big is the biggest one and do you phaff format?

  • MarySaurs Marysaurs

    I need this as big as you have and in ART format. I would like it 8" wide.

  • smoopy Smoopy

    5 x 7 and what is phaff format? I have a brother embroidery machine and can use the pes file.

  • cyntony13 Cyntony13

    PSE Large size I Have a 6x10 hoop

  • careydco Careydco

    I ordered this ... said it came in JEF when I downloaded the design NO (JEF)

  • careydco Careydco

    I also sent e-mail asking about it no response

  • blueiiiz2 Blueiiiz2

    The lettering does not have the stay stitches at each end so it wants to unravel! Cool pattern thou

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