• tiffany.saller Tiffany.Saller

    Curious how your instant download works. Ordered the design, paid for it, and have seen nothing about how to get it. . . Needed the design right away and that is why I chose the "instant download" option. Have to have this project done tonight and have no design. Not happy.

  • tiffany.saller Tiffany.Saller

    OK, got my "instant download" 45 minutes later in an email. That's not instant in my book. Already purchased the design somewhere else and my project is nearly done. Instant download means you are directed to a link as soon as you pay, not an email sometime later. This site has no "Purchases" section on my account, so I had no idea if I was going to receive it or not. Sorry if this is not your fault seller, but this is a very imperfect system.

  • lilliankane Lilliankane

    I purchased two designs, paid for them, then did not get the correct format. I have contacted this seller several times with no answer as to whether I can actually get the HUS format I need.. They have a lot of designs I would like to purchase, but would really like an answer to my e-mails.

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