• saralwiggins Saralwiggins

    I just purchased this file from you and I do not see a way to download I missing something??

  • Mbrown Mbrown

    I am not happy with the download I received. The 4x 4 download would not transfer to my se400 machine, therefore leaving me to use the 3.5 applique which is smaller than I wanted. The design stitches the red border as well as the inside applique fabric with no stop in stitching. The outline stitching is too close to the applique making it very difficult to trim closely leaving a fabric border showing outside of stitching. The satin stitch is very narrow. I am very unhappy with this design.

  • rewalton Rewalton

    Can't find where to download it either!! Not happy

  • tllc4ever Tllc4ever

    can' find link for download

  • Britts04 Britts04

    Cant find my download. Am very frustrated! I paid with pay pay and my payment has been credited!

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