• carolsmith Carolsmith

    trouble downloading the Alabama A design. I have unzipped and downloaded it to my flash drive where it displays in the content but my machine is not reading it. Have had NO problems with other downloaded designs. help!

  • carolsmith Carolsmith

    my machine is a bernette deco 340 requiring EXP

  • shovater Shovater

    I am having difficulties getting to the download page emailed to me. Please see the link attached: If you have any problems with your download link, just paste this key: d6edb3ffb74510e9d5090182f71896 into the download page here: I get a "can not find the page" screen with a Shoply image of two puppies. CAn you send me a link that

  • flipntap29 Flipntap29

    I purchased this and did not see an instant download. Can you please send it to me.

  • flipntap29 Flipntap29

    Nevermind!! I found it. Sorry to have bothered you.

  • scotty.williams.3150 Scotty.Williams.3150

    i bought this item and have not recieved dig. file

  • TammyJo Tammyjo

    I purchased this desgin and have not received the download. It says files are available for instant download after purchase. What now?

  • sylvia.williams.1650 Sylvia.Williams.1650

    i bought this design and cannot download it. Help!!!!!!!

  • sylvia.williams.1650 Sylvia.Williams.1650

    I have a BabyLock ellure

  • AnneRobertson Annerobertson

    I placed an order that was to be an instant download, but have no link for receiving the download.

  • KatrinaLK Katrinalk

    I have no downloads in my Account overview page it is has been 9 hours even though Paypal says secon

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